Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Little Exiles

 Little Exiles

By Robert Dinsdale

Little Exiles is a beautifully book that has an underlying thread of sadness that makes it a compelling read.

Leeds in 1948 Jon Heathers father has not returned at the end of world war two, and Jon's mother is unable to cope with the pressures of life and leaves Jon at the Chapeltown Boy’s Home of the Children’s Crusade with the promise to return for him in two months time. But as time passes there is no word from his mother and Jon is forced to leave England as part of the forced child migration to Australia.

Jon's relationships with his friends and the loyalty they have for one another forges the boy's into a family of ragamuffins whose shared dream is to return to England and the families they left behind, this is a book for all ages.

The motto of this book is that home is where you find it, not necessarily where you want it be.

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