Monday, 13 May 2013

Kiss Me deadly
By Sue Kearney
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She and her coworkers picked the right numbers and hit the jackpot… and then someone stole the ticket.

Now Mandy's fellow winners are being murdered one by one, and an attempted drowning convinces Mandy she's next on the killer's hit list. In urgent need of protection and help to recover the ticket, she finds both, wrapped in the sexy form of DEA agent Zachary Taylor.

But Zack abandoned Mandy once before, so relying on him doesn't come easy. If she's going to trust him, he needs to start telling her the truth. And she must do the same--since Mandy has a secret that could devastate them both. While on the run, Mandy and Zack struggle between sparking sensuality and latent distrust. But can they overcome their past as a killer attempts to destroy their future?

Mandy Newman is a lawyer who practices family law and has mainly been dealing with divorce cases recently. Mandy is targeted by an unknown man in a white truck, who begins riding her bumper and trying to scare her. This is no drunk, or near sighted driver, or the husband of someone she represented out to scare her, this is someone who wants her dead.

This would be murderer sends Mandy's car crashing and sinking into the Hillsborough River, Mandy fights to survive for the sake of her one-year-old daughter Gabby.

When she and five co workers purchase a lottery ticket and win three hundred and sixty million dollars life seems to be looking up after all Sixty million dollars is life changing. Until someone steels the ticket. One by one Mandy's coworkers are being attacked and murdered. Mandy has no choice but to wonder if her near brush with a watery grave had anything to do with the ticket. Each person gets bodyguard to protect them.

Zachary "Zach" Taylor is Mandy's bodyguard, and a man who told her that he never wanted a family, they share a complicated history, they dated and split up when Mandy discovered she was pregnant with Gabby.

Zach is a DEA agent and often goes deep undercover. When Dana Mandy's best friend begs her brother to protect her he agrees. Although Zach never contacted Mandy, he has been unable to forget her. They are soon kept busy, dodging a killer who seems determined to kill her.
This was kind of predictable but still a good read- 3.5 Stars

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