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By Holly Webb

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The grand residence of the famous alchemist, Mr Fountain, is a world away from the dark orphanage Rose has left behind.

For the house is positively overflowing with sparkling magic—she can feel it. And it’s not long before Rose realises that maybe, just maybe, she has a little bit of magic in her, too. . . .

The first book in an exciting, get-lost-in-the-world series about orphans, alchemy, magical powers and sinister child-catchers.


This was a really enjoyable book -it was enchanting and engaging.
Rose is an orphan who lives at St Bridget's Home for Abandoned Girls. She has no memory of her family, but she does have a talent, a magical talent.

While the other girls daydream of finding loving wealthy parents, Rose is more practical, she dreams of having a job where she has her own money. One day her dream comes true.

Rose finds a job as a maid in the home of Mr Fountain a well known magician, Rose is scared and confused as shes unsure about how magic works, but it's something she can't ignore. Rose has a new home and new friends, things couldn't be more perfect. Until Roses friend Maisie disappears without a trace,Rose is determined to find Maisie, and the other countless missing children who have disappeared from London.

This book had a delightful cast of characters such as Gus the talking Cat, Mist-Monsters and Evil witches. Rose is such an enchanting and magical read, which I would highly recommend to girls seven and up.
3.5 Stars

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