Monday, 11 March 2013

Prisoner in Alcatraz

Prisoner in Alcatraz 
By Theresa Breslin

Marty, a teenager who runs away from a children's home in Chicago, dreams of a life growing tomatoes and peppers in the warmth of California or Mexico sun are destroyed by 20 seconds of blind panic.

Life changes dramatically for Marty, when a bank robbery he’s involved in goes horribly wrong resulting in the deaths of two people which results in Marty receiving a life sentence for murder. .

Marty escapes in route to prison and flees in a stolen vehicle across State lines. Ultimately he is captured and is transferred to the most notorious federal prison Alcatraz.
Here he is haunted by the memory of his crime, and he comes to experience that cruelty, treachery and intimidation that happens inside prison just as it did in the slums from which he came.

This story although short is a great read for boys who are reluctant readers, because the subject material is so interesting while also providing the excitement  required to keep readers satisfied.

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