Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Killing Hour

The Killing Hour
By Chris Cleave

Charlie has a bump on his forehead and is covered in blood, he doesn’t know how it happened, but the news reports are reporting that two women have been brutally murdered and all the evidence points to Charlie as the chief suspect.

Charlie can't think straight, he’s having visions and conversations with the two victims, who he thinks have come back to talk to him.

Meanwhile Charlie is being pursued by the real killer Cyris, who no one else believes exists, even Charlie's not really sure he exists. 

Charlie kidnaps his ex-wife Jo hoping that she will believe he didn't kill the woman, but dragging her around the countryside, bound and gagged, isn't helping his cause any.

 Meanwhile detective inspector Landry, who is investigating the murders is convinced that Charlie is the killer he’s looking for and he's not too fussed about whether he's got enough evidence to charge him or not.

 He's terminally ill and he's not about to waste time when it comes to resolving unfinished business.
Paul Cleave has a natural flair with the written word and I’m a fan of this Christchurch natives books

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