Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Water Witch
By Juliet Dark

Callie is half-witch and half-Fae, something she only discovered after accepting a position at the local college, where she is a professor of gothic literature. 

 Callie has finally restored a semblance of calm to her rambling Victorian house, after casting out a dark spirit. But in the surrounding country side all is not as it should be, and trouble is coming… 

The Grove a coven of sinister witches is attacking the town of Fairwick, which is home to a mix of mythical creatures.
With the powers of witch and Fae running through her, Callie is very powerful but something is blocking her and with her friends approval she enlists the help of Duncan Laird an academic who helps her unlock her power. 

Duncan seems brilliant and wants to help Callie but is unsure of his intent, as clues about Callie emerge she faces danger and adversaries.
Fairwick is a town which is under attack from the Grove: a sinister group of witches determined to banish the fey back to their ancestral land. With factions turning on one another, all are cruelly forced to take sides. 

Callie’s grandmother, a prominent Grove member, demands her granddaughter’s compliance, but half-witch/half-fey Callie can hardly betray her friends and colleagues at the college.

Deeply conflicted, Callie struggles to save her beloved Fairwick, dangerously pushing her extraordinary powers to the limit — risking all, even the needs of her own passionate heart. 

This book is perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness, The Water Watch is a breathtakingly sexy and atmospheric new novel of ancient folklore, passionate love, and thrilling magic similar to Discovery of witches and the Fever series by Karen Maree Moning. This is a must read for fans of the paranormal and romance.

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