Monday, 18 March 2013

The Kings Deception

The King's Deception
By Steve Berry

 The King's Deception opens with Cotton Malone and his fifteen-year-old son, Gary traveling to Europe so they can escort a teenage fugitive England. 

This favor for the justice apartment goes array, when upon arrival in London, both Cotton's son and the teen are kidnapped.  This is the catalyst for Cotton to do what he does well, research, kick butt and beat the bad guys.

I have always liked Cotton Malone and his adventures, with their mix of history and suspense; they have always been a great read. BUT unfortunately the concept of this book and how the story played out was just nonsensical with its, terrorists and Tudor secrets.

Steve Berry needs to examine his plot formula as this is his 8th book with Cotton as the main character and it was predictable, there were few surprises and I struggled to finish it.

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