Monday, 22 April 2013

Jack Templar Monster Hunter

Jack Templar
Monster Hunter

By Jeff Gunhus

This book is dry and witty and told from the point of view of Jack an ordinary thirteen-year-old boy orphaned and no memory of his parents or how they died.

Things start to change for Jack. At first it’s great: A sudden new strength helps him defend his nose-picking friend “T-Rex” from the school bully, and even his crush, Cindy Adams, takes notice.

But when a mysterious girl named Eva arrives, she tells him two facts that will change his life forever. First, that he’s the descendent of a long line of monster hunters and he’s destined to be in the family business. Secondly,there’s a truce between man and monster that children are off-limits…until their fourteenth birthday! Jack has only one day before hundreds of monsters will descend on his little town of Sunnyvale and try to kill him.

Jacks problems increase with the discovery that the Lord of the Creach (as the monsters are collectively known) holds a personal grudge against him and will do anything to see that Jack has a slow and painful death.

To stay alive, Jack will have to battle werewolves, vampires, harpies, trolls, zombies.
Questions plague Jack, why do other Templar's whisper and call him the “One?”and why do the monsters want him dead so badly? Jack battles to stay alive in the world of monster hunters,where nothing is really what it seems.

I loved this book it was fabulous and I encourage anyone who has children who are Percy Jackson fans to try it.
4 stars

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