Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Killing Rachel

By Anne Cassidy

The Murder Notebooks series revolves around the disappearance of Rose and Joshua's parents a decade earlier. Both Rose's mother and Joshua's father were police officers working cold cases and were engaged to be married, thus blending these two families together.

But one day, the two disappear, presumed dead and Rose and Joshua are shipped off to different areas of the country. Then Joshua gets in contact with Rose and together with Joshua's roommate, Skeggsy, they investigate their parents disappearance.

Rose is contacted by Rachel a friend with whom she shared a complicated friendship from boarding school, who is desperate for her help, but due to a prior argument, Rose doesn't reply. Rachel dies and Rachel begins to investigate the events that led to her death.

Unfortunately I can't say a great deal about this book as it would supply to many spoilers, the only thing I'd like to note is that I think the character development of Rose and Joshua could have been fleshed out more, this is the second book in this series and i didn't really see anything new in that regard.
3 stars

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