Monday, 22 April 2013

Run To Me

By Diane Hester

Wow this book starts with a bang and the suspense carries through to the end, the characters are brilliant, especially Shyler.

Shyler is truamatized and has withdrawn from the world, due to the tragic death of her son. Shyler’s character is very sad and Hester did an amazing job articulating Shyler’s thoughts.

Zack the secondary character has suffered during his short life. Zack has grown up in foster homes and is mature beyond his age, yet there is a small child within him who yearns for a home and mother’s love.

So he holds on to Shyler even after learning that she has problems of her own.

The novel is written from the perspectives of Shyler, Zack and Dr. Chase Hadley. I couldn’t help but smile at that name! While Zack and Shyler are dealing with their own hells, Dr. Hadley is stuck in between them and offers to help.

The suspense through out this book is woven majestically through every twist and turn.
In my opinion Diane Hester is definitely an author to watch.
Highly recommended. 4 stars

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