Monday, 8 April 2013


By S.M. Boyce

 Lichgates is a dynamic, imaginative story of a world hidden within our world and accessed via a kind of portal called a Lichgate.

Kara Magari is hiking in the mountains when she opens a hidden door. She steps through and finds herself in Ourea, a world of mountains covered in deep forests and peppered with caves and massive waterfalls. She falls into a library and discovers the Grimoire, a magical book that has been hidden for 1,000 years.

By opening  the book she becomes Vagabond making her responsible and bound to the world of Ourea. A world filled with beautiful places and exotic creatures, but it is also a very dangerous place, especially for the keeper of the Grimoire.

One of the first people Kara meets is Braeden. Braeden has led a very complicated life, dependent on the lies he must tell every day to stay alive.

The Grimoire holds an opportunity for him to escape this life, and his fate. He becomes Kara’s protector, doing everything in his power to earn her trust and keep her and the Grimoire safe.

I loved this book, a mix between Harry Potter and LOTR's its definitely a 4 star read

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