Monday, 8 April 2013

Edge of Dawn

By Lara  Adrian

I'm a huge fan of Lara Adrian and was really excited by the prospect of reading Mira's story,even though she'd moved the story twenty years on from the 10th book -darker after midnight, it actually worked,was I disappointed hell no!.

This book is just brilliant and would be suitable for fan's of Charlene Harris or Christine Feehan.

In the twenty years since Humans learnt that vampires are real and l
ive alongside humans the maintenance of a delicate balance of peace has been monitored by a council of human and breed world leaders. This paranormal UN is led by Lucian who featured in Lara Adrian's earlier books.

Mira is a confident, strong, forgiving woman, she's loved one man in her life and she stayed true to him even though he is supposedly died 8 years ago but did he! Kellan Archer is an ex Order warrior and a current rebel leader. After leading everyone to believe he was dead Kellan becomes the leader of a small group of humans striving stop conflict and bloodshed. 

These two have so many obstacles in their way, but ultimately their destiny is to be together.
4.5 stars

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