Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Inquisitor's Wife

By Jeanne Kalogridis

The Inquisition makes its first appearance in Seville Spain in 1482, Its targets are conversos, Christians of Jewish descent—specifically those who practice Judaism secretly in their homes. The penalty for which is be burnt to death at the stake.

Marisol Garcia, a young conversa, shes forced to marry Gabriel a lawyer working for the Inquisition,in an arranged marriage,in the hope that he will be able to protect her, from suspicion and harm.

Marisol was left heartbroken and abandoned four years earlier by her childhood love Antonio, who shockingly reappears at her wedding celebrations..

When Marisol's father is arrested and tortured, Marisol finds herself caught between her love for him and her desire to save the lives of her people.

After becoming a favorite of the ruthless Queen Isabella, Marisol discovers a dangerous secret about Antonio, and finds herself trapped in a dangerous web of intrigue and lies.

As the danger of the Inquisition closes in around her, Marisol’s love for Antonio and the loyalty to her Jewish family are put to the test in a dangerous game that will put her very life at stake...

The Inquisitor’s Wife provides the reader with a terrifying glimpse into the terror that was the inquisition, and the injustice of a maligned and misunderstood people.

4 Stars

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