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Set in Victorian London, Riley is an orphan who lives in fear of his guardian  an evil illusionist named Albert Garrick, who has begun to use his conjuring skills for his own corrupt means.

Garrick uses his dubious talents to gain access to his victims’ homes by using his skills, and tries to force Riley to commit murder when they are discovered. Riley and his intended victim, a scientist from the future, travel through a wormhole into modern-day London. It would be the perfect escape – except that Garrick has followed them.

When Garrick comes looking for Riley, he is helped by FBI Agent Chevron Savano, an agent who works with him to save both the past and the future from the assassin.

Riley must ensure Garrick never gets hold of the timekey, as this could return Garrick to the past, and if Garrick ever returns to Victorian London, he will quite literally change the world for his own evil ends…

Eoin Colfer has set in place all the elements needed to make this series as popular as his Artemis Fowl series, and although the story starts off slow, I feel this is a great beginning to a new series. I feel as the story progresses characters back stories will flesh out any gaps in the storyline.
4 stars

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