Friday, 5 April 2013

The Inventors Secret
By Chad Morris

This is a story of two children who have a lot to live up to. Their Grandfather is a renowned genius who achieved some of the greatest technological advances for learning and education. All of his inventions are housed in a private high school. This school only

teaches the most gifted children where twin brother and sister, Derick and Abby find themselves enrolled. Derick who is a mathematical genius, but Abby is bullied and taunted by the other children, who say she only got in because of the relationship to her grandfather.

While in school Derick and Abby's parents and Grandfather go missing and no one will help them. When they try to find them, they get more than they bargained for with,spies, a fifty old rivalry and an invention that could change the world for better or worse.
Great book

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