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Flame Tree Hill

Flame Tree Hill
By Mandy Magro

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Kirsty Mitchell is ready to come home. After a tragic accident that left her scarred, she fled overseas. Now, three years later, she’s finally returning to Flame Tree Hill, her beloved family farm.
But at twenty-five Kirsty isn’t prepared for the terrifying new
challenge ahead: breast cancer.Kirsty’s never been a quitter and that’s not about to change. But can her budding romance with local vet Aden bear the strain?
As she battles with chemotherapy and as her past threatens to
overwhelm her, Kirsty realises you can never take anything – or
anyone – for granted. Drawing strength from her family and the
beauty of Far North Queensland, Kirsty finally understands what
she must do.
A lyrical and heartwarming testament to the power of love – and forgiveness.

Congratulations to Mandy Magro on successfully tackling the delicate subject of breast cancer and adding a heart wrenching story that had me hooked from the first chapter, due to its subtle intensity and emotions it invoked. I laughed, I cried and was thoroughly swept away by Adan and Kirsty's story.

Adan - what a man he had strength, he was thoughtful and supplied Kirsty with support, love and the knowledge that he had her back no matter what the outcome. Kirsty - is a fighter, but struggles with her emotions and illness ( and who can blame her) , I loved watching her grow in her confidence and come to realizations that love and life are worth fighting for.
I'd never read Mandy Magro before but she charmed me with her writing and has made me a fan.
Highly recommended.
4.5 Stars

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